Websites, the art of our times 2002-2004

Copying from Videogames is the art of our time, 2004

The Neen Manifesto, 2000

The Neen Dogma of Painting

Save As, 2001

Happiness, 1999

Fabric of reality (a snapshot), 1999

Better than a painter (for Angelo Plessas, 2003

Miltos Manetas, Untitled, (Mai in Naples), mixed media, 2003

Against Job: Give Money for Nothing. 2001


2000 of what?, 2000

New People,1997

Moving and shooting, 1999


Floor, 1999

The Square (4 Art Trends), 2005


Playstation time, 1996


Images, 1997

Floor, 1999


100 Years after Les Demoiselles d'Avignon 1999

Essays by Miltos Manetas, London 2006, soft cover, 97 pages published by ElectronicOrphanage Press.