Painting my Painting

"Painting my painting"

History of the work

“It was a Saturday on August 28th and I was in Athens at the house of my parents. Twenty days earlier I had start painting my BlackBerry paintings, invisible pictures traced over the surface of reality. I had painted shadows and faces and figures and mountains already and looking a painting of mine that was hanging on the wall, I said to myself: " I better repaint this painting too.." This work was "CABLES (on Raffaello book)" a -very special for me- oil on canvas of 2005. Raffaello Sanzio (Urbino, 6 de abril de 1483 – Roma, 6 de abril de 1520) is one of my biggest inspirations. If Raffaello was around today, he would be probably using a smartphone and would be painting invisible paintings too...

Photos from exhibitions