Overeality: painting on the top of reality

“In 2009 I decide to try escape from Computers, I didn't succeed. Then, in 2010 - I had an accident: I went down 117 meters from the top of a rock on my back, a little tree finally saving my life... After a month of immobility in the hospital, I returned to the place where I had the accident and I rented home. Waiting to recover completely, I had my colors and canvasses brought there but I couldn’t paint: regular painting just didn’t seamed a good idea anymore. Finally one day, I took a brush and without any color on it, I started “painting” over the landscape. was making an invisible painting on the top of reality. A few days after my discovery, I start filming whatever it was I was painting with my BlackBerry (my right hand the hand of the painter, the left the hand of a videomaker). I was happy, a BlackBerry and a brush was now all I needed for a studio! That’s how the BLACKBERRY PAINTINGS were born and at the same time the concept of Overeality”

I began painting..

Painting my shadow

Painting my family

Smart Phones

Then suddenly mobile phones became computers. I got married with a large Samsung and I am still living with it. We start doing Overeality together




Overeality on Social Media

“ when social Media became the Second City for us, I decide to bring Overeality on that city.

Yanis and Danae

#YanisVaroufakis and #DanaeStratou performing Overeality ( #pantaparousia) in Sabina

Yanis and Massimo

#overeality_soprarealtà (Varoufakis and Massimo Torrigiani in Milano)

Posted by Miltos Manetas on Friday, 23 November 2018

Varoufakis and Massimo Torrigiani in Milano

Renato in NYC

Chilean architect Renato Vivaldi, former Brazilian Presidential candidate Fernando Haddad and Yanis Varoufakis at the New School.#overeality_soprarealtà

Posted by Miltos Manetas on Saturday, 1 December 2018

Renato Vivaldi in New York