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Manetas Timeline

Questa è la cronologia di Miltos Manetas Artista nato in Grecia, moved to Italy, spostato a gli Stati Uniti, spostato a Parigi e Londra e finalmente stabilito tra Bogota e Sabina in Lazio



We live in days of Metascreen. Screens and networks are-for good or bad-part of nature. Screens "project", "transmit", "translate" but also "protect", "conceal" and "isolate". Screens hide from us the large view and isolate us from the whole showing us just a bit. But just a bit, just working, just playing, just making art on our computer screens, isn't enough no more... How easily impressions of the "whole" rise instead when we are looking or listening to trees, rivers and mountains. How nice we are connecting with such simulations, just by staying as still and calm in front of nature as that man on the famous painting of Caspar David Friedrich.. The essence of what we call "natural world" is transmitted effortlessly. visit ÑEWPRESSIONISM



The first art movement of the 21st Century ÑEWPRESSIONISM


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