2004, year of

Living in Paris..

“ in Paris...

Memoirs of the Devil

“ A show by Miltos Manetas at COSMIC GALLERY in Paris. Jan-Mar, 2004. The title of the show, is a homage to the book "Memoirs of the Devil" written by director Roger Vadim. Vadim was married to Bridgette Bardot, Jane Fonda and Catherine Deneuve. Entering the show: "Manifesto with 4 Women" , a remake of a work by Italian artist Alighiero Boetti. In 1969, Boetti made a poster about the artists of his generation. Each symbol on that poster was refering to a characteristic of each artist included. Collectors could buy the poster for a low price, however the "code" that would explain the piece was on sale for a very high price and if nobody purchased it before a certain date, it would be destroyed and the decryption would remain secret forever (and that's what happened). My collectors could buy the code of my poster too but it din't happened either. So I hide the code somewhere online..