Our (New Strange) life

is giving us today the chance to PARTECIPATE and to ACT in all kind of events, either we are chosen and invited to be part of them, either un-invited. Either those events are still happening or even if they are already concluded.

We certainly have a choice to decide and partecipate in such events or to not participate, but when it comes to events that INCLUDE us already (because of our association with the concepts or with the actors that are generating these events), then we DO NOT have choice: we are obliged to partecipate. What oblige us? The future sequence of our own life! (How can one go on living if he/she could easily have influenced the future form of his life and didn't?)

- The eternal question: "What Is to be Done"? We need to find a "Neen way" to dedicate ourselves to the development of ventures that are closely related to our own concepts and life. Alienation from the actors and directors of such ventures, is NOT allowed, Irony is not allowed either (unless it is "Socratic"). Negotiation can't be interrupted, for any reason. (You are not allowed to BLOCK someone on Facebook for example).

Transparency is a MUST in all actions we may undertake, immediacy too- on cost to appear sometimes "sketchy" or "naive".. Re-construction, is the technique to recover and to energize events that went all wrong and to turn them instead into a Perfect Past which we can use to build our Ideal Future.

Controlled and well-staged animosity/antagonism/disrespect/unfriendliness, even hostility, can be used and encouraged. Still, we should always aim for Togetherness, never permit- neither to our collaborators, nor to our adversaries, to distance themselves from such Togetherness.

Neen Theories, Miltos Manetas. Written in the context of DOCUMENTA 14, 2017