The After of The Internet Paintings

My Internet Paintings are rivers of paintings. They are depictions of an everchanghing landscape of images, still images and images in motion, the screen landscape we call the World Wide Web.

The only realistic way to paint the WWW is to constantly update the surface of its portrait. I am doing so by always adding new images over my paintings and often important parts of these paintings of mine disapear (althought they are still there, underlayers and layers of newly painted stuff)

I take pictures of course.. As I am painting the Internet Paintings I am photographing everything I paint..

A photograph of a painting though, is nothing..

To "photograph" a painting- especially these Internet everchanging paintings of mine- one has to repaint them.

Also because many of the details one sees over the Internet Paintings aren't painted by myself but by an assistant..

Now, its perfectly fine when an artist is using assistants to paint his works, great artists from the Past and from today (Peter Paul Roubens, Jeff Koons) are painting in this manner

But when a side of my painting -painted by some assistant- is covered with paint and another image is painted on it, something strange happens..

Suddenly the painting becomes "Internets": a part of the world that isn't digital and at the same time isn't fully analog either..

The fact that my Internet Paintings are more part of the INTERNETS than parts of Art History and Classical Paintings isn't a problem for me. Like Manet, my interest is Realism.

But again-like Manet I suppose- my interest is also about Classical Painting.. I feel a strong need to extract from my own painting (that large size oil on canvas that isn't a painting really but a platform), a little "real" painting.. That's why I project the parts of the Internet Paintings that are about to be covered and I am doing a portrait of them.. I am painting those complettely by myself, I am not using any assistants..

Miltos Manetas, Bogota, Nov 2017.