Hi. This is

Miltos Manetas

»Hi. This is Miltos Manetas. This is a conversation. It's between me and you. At any point, when you have something to say, please pause this video and record your question. Then post it on YouTube and send me the link so I can reply to you. Now, I want to give a theme to our conversation. The theme is our new life. It's a complex theme, it has to do with our intelligent machines. That’s what I call Existential Computing. It has to do with our perception of reality. There’s new information today about reality. According to many scientists, we live in a Multiverse. There are many versions of ourself, each of them inhabits a parallel word. Also, according to a few but very respected scientists, time doesn't flow. Everything that is possible, has already happened somewhere and what we perceive as change, is some kind of illusion. Until yesterday, such ideas were esoteric but today, it´s the observation of the World that tell us so. In that case, we should start thinking differently, start living our life differently. Maybe we need to modify our language. Maybe we need new words to say to ourself that what’s now happening, is also not happening. That there is an instant person of me who is recording this message and there is another who doesn´t. And that I am both of them and many other too. Maybe your questions- or my answers- will be inspiring. Remember, that in another universe, its YOU who initiated this conversation”.