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Pintor, artista conceptual y teorico.

Miltos Manetas en un pintor nacido en Grecia, artista conceptual y teórico que su trabajo explora la repesentación y la estetica de la sociedad informatica. Manetas es el Fundador de NEEN (el primer movimiento de arte del siglo 21), el pionero de art-after-videogames (MACHINIMA) y el instigador de Post-Internet Art. En 2009 él inicio la INTERNET PAVILION para la Bienal de Venecia, en 2014, en colaboración con Swiss Institute de Roma, él introdujo el concepto de ÑEWPRESSIONISM. En estos dias él está usando DOCUMENTA 14 para desarrollar el concepto de MEDIOSUD. De acuerdo a LEV MANOVICH, El arte de Manetas se puede localizar dentro de la bien establecida tradición de la pintura moderna (representando gente moderna en sus particulares cosas modernas). De acuerdo a NICOLAS BOURRIAUD el arte de Manetas pertenece al dominio de ESTÉTICA RELACIONAL y POST-PRODUCCIÓN

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Taking advance today of the full value of our work its not a good idea. That's because Art has become such a profession that rips Time away from us... Read

El triangulo de los palillos chinos.

"Three black chopsticks, one made by steel-USA- the second by wood-Europe- the third a plastic one-China"

I was in China recently, after travelling 5000 KM , by train and bus and taxi in a week, after visiting a newly born private art-museum and its "First Biennial Exhibition" (build in the middle of "nothing") after visiting an "Inner Mongolia" tourist-trap (where the Chinese middle class is dressing up to play "Mongolians" and take pictures together with animals and peasants that the company sublets), after counting at least 40 brand new large cities all looking the same, all growing in every direction, I have a clear image of the actual situation.
I see us locked in a triangle made by chopsticks: three black chopsticks, one made by steel-USA- the second made by wood-Europe- the third a plastic one-China- are closing around us. They are hard and fast and we are rice. They represent the Total North. read.

Arte del Centro Sur.

Our lifestyle is now updated in real time. At the same time, all kinds of distances are cancelled. Everywhere in the world, South and North become just one: NORTH. In the Western territories of the Northern World and mostly Europe, a new Middle South is born.

In the NORTH, the deal between society and government was always clear. During fascism, society is asked to obey, during democracy, society is asked to debate. In both cases - in the NORTH - art is the authorised voice of society. Therefore, during democracy, art HAS to debate.


2017, el año del ahora

  • "TORTUGA" in Mexico City, Preparing MedioSud at DOCUMENTA, Preparing TOGETHERNESS for the Internet Paviion at the Venice Biennale, Painting Dried Webpages, living in Bogotá.


“From Screen to Nature and Back Again..



Un vídeo publicado por Miltos Manetas (@miltosmanetas) el

En Ciudad de México

“In Mexico City, "Tortuga" by Miltos Manetas and Nora Renaud at Aldo Chaparro Studio

En Ciudad de México

"Tortuga" at Aldo Chapparo Studio, Mexico City

En Bogotá

Fac-simile of "Tortuga" at our house in Bogota


“From Screen to Nature and Back Again..


Alpha drawing herself

Un vídeo publicado por Miltos Manetas (@miltosmanetas) el

painting herself..

Alpha drawing herself

Un vídeo publicado por Miltos Manetas (@miltosmanetas) el


“From Screen to Nature and Back Again..

En WOK...

My paintings in places

Una foto publicada por Miltos Manetas (@miltosmanetas) el

En Bogota

My paintings in places

Una foto publicada por Miltos Manetas (@miltosmanetas) el

En personas

“From Screen to Nature and Back Again..

En la espalda de Laura

My paintings in places (Laura)

Una foto publicada por Miltos Manetas (@miltosmanetas) el


“From Screen to Nature and Back Again..


Video (with Alpha Manetas)

Un vídeo publicado por Miltos Manetas (@miltosmanetas) el

Caminando con pantallas

“From Screen to Nature and Back Again..



Un vídeo publicado por Miltos Manetas (@miltosmanetas) el


“From Screen to Nature and Back Again..


“in Bogotá, at La Candelaria..




2016, año de

  • la 9na Bienal de Berlín/the 05:05 show in Sabina/AFTER POKÉMON in Shanghai/MYSTICAL STAIRCASE/MY TIMELINE online

9na Bienal de Berlín

“ In Spring 2015, invited to participate at the 9th Berlin Biennial the online magazine DIS was curating, I agreed meeting two guys from DIS in Bogotá but in the beginning of June, on the same day we had arrange to meet, I had to fly to Europe so our encounter never happened. We agreed to meet on Skype and discuss my participation but once I arrived in Greece I was catapulted into the Greek Summer of NO and I forgot everything else.. So the Berlin Biennial forgot me and I forgot it too until May 29th of 2016, just a few days before the opening of the exhibition that a friend told me he was going to Berlin. "I am part of this show"-I told him- "wait, I am not!".. Suddenly thinking I maybe missing something important, I looked online and noticed that the subject of this Biennial was exactly the issue that interests me the most: "our strange new life". So I decide to participate anyway... That same day, I sit on my computer and "sucked" everything from BB9's official website . Somehow magically learning how to modify it, I start re-creating the Berlin Biennial at by adding the content that -I believe- was missing.. I also start looking the Biennale online, at its […]” Instagram and Facebook and start remaking them at Instagram and Facebook . Following the tag #berlinbiennale , I discover that this exhibition was new Century's most interesting exhibition of its kind. But to become crystal-clear, my contribution was needed so I start "painting" it online, using my "Painting with Likes" technique that I invented on the spot. As I am convinced that "Shows-that-matter-should-never-end", I think I'll keep working on this show forever...

And in China...

“ in China..

Pokémon prints after Pokémon

AFTER Pokémon (15 years later)

In Shanghai..

Pokemon Again

And fifteen years earlier

“When in 2000, Gallery Analix (Geneva) asked me to do a new show with them, "Pokémon Stadium" had just launched for Nintendo 64. Pokémon's presence was for me some short of Manifesto and so I decide to make a Pokémon exhibition. I re-drawn and printed a number of Pokemon and then enlarged them using my Vibracolour on Super-glossy paper technique. In Geneva, Pokémon were met by the art world with total indifference, even embarrassment.

in Geneva

Who or better "what" was writing that "Manifesto" and what was stated on it wasn't completely clear back then. To me, it seamed written directly from "the computer world" and as with a few other "special" videogames like "Doom" & "SuperMario", its message was somehow existential. Now, 16 years later, in a world Where?e??e our computer is no more kept "by the hand" -as with a Playstation controller- neither it seats on our lap as with a laptop, now that its glued on our palm (a tablet) and has become a third-palm for us (instead of a third-eye), it all makes sense.. Pokémon and certain other videogame creatures were indeed a manifesto but it wasn't the generic "Computer World" promoting it, it was put forward instead by one of its more mysterious creations that was just coming of age: "Pokémon" was the Manifesto of the Animated Cartoon

And in Italy..

“in Italia..

"05:05" show in Sabina

“05:05" was a five minutes show that opened on 05:05 AM on "a beautiful road" in Sabina on July 30th, 2016. The show lasted about 55 minutes presenting the work of 5 artists: Alessandro Gianní , Joseph Kosuth, Miltos Manetas, Valentina Nascimben & Nora Renaud. Each work was visible for about 5 minutes. The show closed down at 06:06 AM. 6 cars were used to access the "beautiful road". The first car was carrying the artists that-in alphabetical order- had to pick a spot and install their work in a zone of 555 meters around the point where the "beautiful road" meets the river. The last car was carrying movie directors Emiliano Montanari & Gerdi Petanaj filming the event from a distance and collecting the works. At 5:55 AM, a 6 minutes ceremony was performed at the Agriturismo Paradiso before the closing of the show at 06:06AM.

And still in Italy..

“in Italia..


Curated by Francesco Urbano Ragazzi

Online exhibition hosted and powered by As part of: The Internet Saga Artists: Sarah Abu Abdallah, Basma Al Sharif, Johanna Bruckner, FAKA, Gina Folly, ForeverAdaForever, Foundland, Chiara Fumai, Tiril Hasselknippe, Jerome Hill, Institute for New Feeling, Karl Larsson, Kareem Lotfy, Malibu 1992, Miltos Manetas, Eva Papamargariti, Luca Pozzi, Tabita Rezaire, Harry Sanderson, Fabio Santacroce, Bogosi Sekhukhuni, Chai Siris, Berkay Tuncay, Brent Watanabe. Online opening: Thursday 23rd June 2016, Public presentation: 8th July 2016, Villa Croce Contemporary Art Museum

And in Milan...

“in Italia..


And in Colombia..

“ in Colombia..

Social Art Now


“2016: Reanimar el arte político colombiano para la Colombia de hoy."Re-enacting Colombian Political Art for today's Colombia".

and Munich..

“ in Germany..

Abstract Screens

Abstract Screens

at UNPAINTED in Munich.

Abstract Screens

at UNPAINTED in Munich.

Continuing the 444 PAINTINGS

Fourfortyfour Paintings

at UNPAINTED in Munich.

and on computer screen

“ on screens..



and from online

“ online..

2015, year of

  • BIENNALE DI VENEZIA, living in Bogota, CO


To understand this years Pavilion, I have to tell you first about the next one, the Pavilion I am planning for 2017. The theme will be TOGETHERNESS and that was actually the theme that I envisioned initially for 2015, but then I realized, that we are actually very far from TOGETHERNESS yet .. And when I say far, I mean we are far from even start thinking seriously about Togetherness: we are still at the stage of a-man-in-front-of-a-computer-screen, looking on what we call ”internet”. So, I decide, to take a closer look to that “internet” by making one or two videos per day, recording everything and recording myself and others as well, while we are "looking“.

LOOKING at the internet (in Venice with Nora Renaud Where is Venice? Is it somewhere online? What happens there?)

And in Italy..

“ in Italy…

2014, year of

  • ÑEWPRESSIONISM, Studio in Sabina


First in Rome

Ñ in Purple

In Milan

»from Screen to Nature«

»and back again«

Started Painting...

“ Trees on Skype in Sabina, Italy


2013, year of

  • 55th BIENNALE DI VENEZIA, The Unconnected, Two Francescos
The Unconnected
The Unconnected, INTERNET PAVILION 2013


After having sailed together with the PirateBay in 2009 and after having conquered the island of San Servolo in 2011, the "Internet Pavilion" is now based in the old Oratory of San Ludovico, a holy church from the XVI Century. On the bare walls of the little Chapel, Miltos Manetas realizes a cycle of oil paintings inspired by the devotional paint work of the Venetian Renaissance. However, if Vittore Carpaccio - for example - in the Scuola di San Giorgi has glorified the gestures of St. George who killed the dragon, the Greek artist chooses a totally different kind of holy protectors for his Church. Patron saints of the Internet Pavilion are in fact the Unconnected: those people who indeed still live without an email or social network account, miraculously immune from internet dependency.
In an age like ours, where the border between real and virtual has collapsed, the digital Unconnected seem like real monks or holy men who – voluntarily or not – are detached from the world through an ascetic practice, being free from the chaotic flow of images and information. To show them how life works in the era of smart phones, between 2.0 vices and multimedia paradises, there is a “Tintoretto style” painting by Miltos Manetas, portraying the postures and behavior of those who come in contact with the web. Astonished looks, fixed on small mobile phone screens, or the expression of thinkers filmed by the laptops webcams, animate paintings of various sizes which, set up in a sacred space, recall both the polyptychs or the altar pieces as much as the opened tabs on a computer desktop. To know who the Unconnected really are is not easy. For this reason the power of the network has been challenged. A recruiting campaign has been launched on Facebook during the 2 months preceding the opening of the Biennial. The social network users have been asked whether they knew people who weren’t online and requested to advise the Internet Pavilion staff about their first names and surnames. Quickly a series of identities from various profiles was formed: from the parents of very popular bloggers to famous singers and showmen. Among the Unconnected there are, for example, Luigi Ontani and Enzo Cucchi, two of the most well known Italian artists, or Donald Knuth, computer technician and emeritus professor of the Stanford University, who at a certain stage of his life decided to repudiate internet.
The list is clearly still incomplete. In order to evoke the spirit of the Unconnected inside the pavilion, some participants will act in the exhibition space on the opening day and in the following months. Particularly the bharatanatyam dance expert Marianna Biadene and the computer engineer Pasquale Fedele, who specialize in neuron interfaces. The borderline meeting between contemporary dance, ritual and brain control, under the sign of painting, will give life to a lyrical moment, unique and one-off, which will distance the audience from the expository bulimia typical of the Biennale to be transported to a contemplative dimension of inner peace. The multiform results of the III Internet Pavilion are collected in the exhibition’s catalogue. The publishing is a special edition of Solo, the monographic magazine edited by AcM Collezione Coppola: a precious element to decode the history and the symbols of this Internet Pavilion 2013. The research of and about the Unconnected will then continue in unpredictable ways thanks to the collaboration with Nero Magazine. Produced by: Associazione E, AmC, Nuova Icona, Collezione Coppola Media partners: Gloria Maria Gallery, NERO, My Art Guide, Lightbox, UP3 Architetti Associati, Liquidweb, Drago Publishing.


Women Looking...

In Rome, Italy

M&A looking at screen

“In Rome, Italy”

Bipolar Paintings
Bipolar Paintings

Camilo & Benjamin

“In Bogota, Colombia”

Alpha & Catalina

“In Rome, Italy”


MedioSud in my mind

The idea of MedioSud was born when Marina Fokidis invited me to write a text for her new-born magazine South. That was just after my daughter Alpha was born, I was living in the South of Europe again- in Rome- after many years spend in the World's North (USA, UK, Paris etc) and I had start thinking about it.. What was this place now- the mediterranean basin- after all these years, after the internet? Who were those people such as Fokidis and other old friends and family? Most of them would cry for help -as if the sky had fallen on their heads- (the crisis! the crisis!), still, having spend a bit of time in Colombia, I wouldn't believe them. So I visited Greece and I realised that the country and its people never looked more interesting and alive, I looked around Europe and I show a Middle South rising, a new reality that isn't "South" no-more, still its not - and doesn't agree to become - a Total North either. So I wrote for Fokidis' magazine "My Family in Middle South" and when a few months later, Salvatore Lacagnina and Rome's Swiss Institute, asked me to write something about art in Rome (for their contribution to Berlin Biennial), I took that opportunity to write a little manifesto about how I imagined art in Middle South-the art in MedioSud. And then-suddenly- a miracle: Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) decide to resign! As the history of the South was always depending on Christianity, I felt that the possibility or a new Middle South Movement starts existing exactly on the day the Pope resigns and the world is left unshadowed -for a bit a least- free from that religious ghost. Therefore, on Feb 28, 2013, I introduced MedioSud at the MACRO in Rome. In 2015- Greece surprised us all the way Ratzinger did two year earlier: the SYRIZA government had decide to put together a Mondial Performance by asking the Greek People if they agreed to continue be exploited by Europe. They answered NO, Europe ignored them and went on exploiting them. During the Greek Summer of NO, Adam Szymczyk, announced Athens as one of the two cities that will be hosting DOCUMENTA 14, the very Northern exhibition Total North is using to teach to the World "the way to be intellectual" (the latin word "documentum" comes from "docere" -teach- and "mens" -intellect.)

And in 2013...

“I start painting "Skype Paintings" in Rome

"On Skype" Paintings

“"Skype Paintings" in Rome


"New Groups" Paintings

“"New Groups" in Rome


"Little Screen" Paintings

“ Suddenly its all about little screens... I decide to start painting portraits of my daughter Alpha as she grows up framed in the different evolution versions of those screens.. I also start doing "Paralell Portraits" and give as a present to those I love. Those who receive those paintings have the choise to either keep its "screen" as it is (blank) or ask me to paint their portrait in it..



"Parallel Portraits"


2012, year of

  • living in Rome, Painting bipolar paintings, Painting "Google Nature", thinking of Overeality, having my daugher Alpha


“The World appears now "stamped" with digital objects. Those objects (data/menus/pictures/movies/sounds/code) are not at all present the way the prophets virtual-reality predicted but they are simply "attached" on the World via our imagination (the only true computer). They are attached on quite everything...

Preparing a painting




And from 2012...

“I start painting "Google Nature Paintings" in Derveni

"Google Nature" Paintings

“"Google Nature Paintings" in Derveni



in Rome..

“ in Rome, Italy

Started Painting...

“ FourfortyFour Paintings in Rome, Italy


Fourfortyfour Paintings

at UNPAINTED in Munich.


while in Venice...

“ in Venice, Italy

2011, year of

  • 54th BIENNALE DI VENEZIA, My daughter Alpha, MACRO in ROME (ElectronicOrphanage)





The Island of Internet & BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer, an exhibition series created by Rafael Rozendaal) The artists are invited to bring their own machines and projecting on any space that they can grab. Its a desperate attempt to open a few windows of fantasy and creativity over a heavily nested "real space". BYOB is one of the few original expressions-even if its somewhat of a grimace- that are still possible to be achieved with visual arts. Its the scream of our extended bodies, while trapped between computer keyboards and the unnatural light of the computer projectors. Artists: Agnes Bolt, Alterazioni Video, Andreas Angelidakis, Angelo Plessas, Anna Franceschini, Billy Rennekamp, Boris Eldagser, Britta Thie Claudia Rossini Cristian Bugatti Elisa Giardina Papa Emily Jones & Sarah Hartnett (, year of the Hare) Giallo Concialdi Hayley Silverman Interno3 and crew Iocose Ivano Atzori Jaime Martinez Jeremy Bailey Les liens invisibles LG Williams/Estate Of LG Williams Luca Bolognesi LuckyPDF Marc Kremers Marco Cadioli Marisa Olson Marlous Borm Martin Cole Matteo Erenbourg Mike Ruiz Miltos Manetas Nazareno Crea Nikola Tosic Parker Ito Pegy Zali Petros Moris Priscilla Tea Rachele Maistrello Rafaël Rozendaal Rene Abythe Riley Harmon Sarah Ciraci Tele Ghetto Haiti Theodoros Giannakis Travess Smalley UBERMORGEN.COM Valery Grancer Wojciech Kosma Yuri Pattison

and in Milan...

“ in Milan, Italy


Just recently, all art that deals with computers directly, became data itself. It started referencing other data and lost its status of "Avant-garde".

in a gallery that is a monitor

2010, year of

  • Going to Colombia and to Brazil and to Bolivia and Peru and London and Israel and Canada and Rome and falling at Conero, ending up in hospital for a month and returning to Conero and discovering BlackBerry Painting and going to Instabul to make a film with Olivier and going to Greece and from there to Colombia and meeting Alpha's mother and start making Alpha. Started painting Selfies Paintings.

BlackBerry Paintings

“There is a fundamental error in painting-in every school of painting: we always paint on a plane that’s different from the plane of reality. We either paint on a canvas or on some other support positioned in parallel or in front of the world, we never paint over the reality itself, we never “paint reality”. “That was to change for me when - back in 2010 - I had an accident: I went down 117 meters from the top of a rock on my back, a little tree finally saving my life... After a month of immobility in the hospital, I returned to the place where I had the accident and I rented a little yellow house. Waiting to recover completely, I had my colors and canvasses brought there but I couldn’t paint: regular painting just didn’t seamed a good idea anymore. Finally one day, I took a brush and without any color on it, I started “painting” over the landscape. was making an invisible painting... ”A few days after my discovery, I start filming whatever it was I was painting with my BlackBerry (my right hand the hand of the painter, the left the hand of a videomaker). I was happy, a BlackBerry and a brush was now all I needed for a studio! That’s how the BLACKBERRY PAINTINGS were born and I decide to go on with my life and at the same time paint it.”


I began painting..

Painting my shadow


Ancona, 21 luglio 2010 - L'artista greco Miltos Manetas torna ad Ancona, dopo la disavventura che lo aveva visto protagonista ai primi di giugno, quando in un'escursione sul Conero fece una rovinosa caduta che gli costò un ricovero in ospedale. L'occasione per il ritorno è fornita dalla rassegna 'Incontro con l'autore', organizzata al Fortino Napoleonico di Portonovo. All'evento parteciperà con tre sculture inedite Enzo Cucchi, il maestro della Transavanguardia, che ha voluto al suo fianco, come ospite speciale, l'artista multimediale greco.

Falling in Conero

I lost my grip on the rock, and I started going down on my back, slowly for two seconds, and accelerating immediately after. I remember everything, the whole timeline. My memory has kept every detail enveloped and timestamped. One-Two-Three-Four! I remember that for these first four seconds, I was simply mad with disbelief. I was upset with my destiny, annoyed that it was letting down my crazy plan of arriving at the beach by descending the impossible surface of a very steep rock. Five! By the fifth second, I was already falling very fast. Six-Seven- Eight! I could see only the void at the edge of the rock about thirty meters away, and I knew that I was about to die. Read more

Falling in Conero


“PIRACY MANIFESTO & STICKER designed by Experimental Jetset, commissioned by MAXXI National Museum of Art of the 21st Century in Rome for its inaugural exhibition in June 2010


Reading the Manifesto

The Manifesto in 2009

Started Painting...

“ "Selfies Paintings" in Bogota, Colombia

Selfies Paintings
"Selfies" Paintings


“ As we all start looking ourselves mirrored on the palms of ourselves where now a computer screen is glued, I start painting "Selfie Paintings" in Bogotá. I didn't paint any faces on them-that would be banal.. just the "mirrors"...

2009, year of

  • ALTERMODERN MANIFESTO, First Internet Pavilion

"The Embassy of Piracy"

For the first edition of the Internet Pavilion, Manetas and Aman invited to Venice a number of people involved with the activist website to inaugurate the „Embassy of Piracy“. Just a few hours after the press-statement of Padiglione Internet was released, the administration of the Venice Biennial began receiving calls from the Berlusconi Government ordering from them to cancel the invitation of ThePirateBay.

Pirates of the Internet

For the first edition of the Internet Pavilion, Manetas and Aman, decide to invite a number of people involved with the activist website to come in Venice and inaugurate the Embassy of Piracy. But just a few hours after the press statement of PadiglioneInternet was released, the administration of the Venice Biennial start receiving calls from the Berlusconi government asking them to cancel the invitation of ThePirateBay.

"We are Pirates of the Internet
Pirates of the World Wide Web
Nothing that can stop us now
We are here to stay..."

read full story

And "Pirate Paintings"...

“Paintings with the boat painted on them and a hard drive from where one can "grab" pirated files..


“I start painting "Monochrome Paintings" in Rome and Bogotá

"Monochrome" Paintings

“ Monochromes are the paintings of paintings..


“ Suddenly I discovered nature so I start painting "Nature Paintings"


And in the UK..

“ in London…

Five O Five show




in Seoul

“ inSeoul…

2008, year of

  • Cable-Rug, BURNING my paintings at the desert, Second Life

The Cable-Rug